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Müller Surfaces is a nationwide, commercial surface installation company based in Charlotte, NC. We work in a variety of industries and are proud to service all 48 contiguous states. We self-perform all of our projects. That allows us to control the quality of work produced and meet remarkably high standards.

We incorporate a wide range of surface installation systems including ceramic tiles, natural stone, mosaic, vibrated floor tile systems, carpet, epoxy, and polished concrete.

Our Services

Chemical resistant floor system
Chemical resistant floor system
Traditional installations
Natural stone
Resinous flooring
Concrete finishes
Floor preparation and restoration
Drainage technology


Hex Tile. Our is the most innovative solution engineered for the most demanding processing environments. Antimicrobial design, chemical, and temperature resistant. Keep reading »

Red Brick Dairy Tile. Our long-lasting floor sytem that is designed for food processing and dairy plants. Thermal stability, impact and abrasion resistant. Keep reading »

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Resinous Flooring

Epoxy. Is a poured in place, durable floor system that can be used across a broad spectrum of industries. Epoxy coating is chemically resistant, durable, and a low maintenance product. Quick installation means less production shutdown and slippage. Keep reading »

Urethane. Urethane mortar flooring is a resinous flooring that like epoxy and MMA flooring is an applied concrete coating. Similar to epoxy and MMA flooring, urethane mortar, also known as urethane concrete or cementitious urethane, produces a seamless resinous flooring solution. Keep reading »

MMA. Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) flooring like epoxy flooring provides a seamless, resinous flooring solution that mimic the epoxy flooring benefits but under harsher enviromental conditions. Keep reading »

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Epoxy. Is a poured in place, durable floor system that can be used across a broad spectrum of industries. Epoxy coating is chemically resistant, durable, and a low maintenance product. Quick installation means less production shutdown and slippage. It's temperature, impact, and even fire resistant, making it a great safety choice. Available in an array of colors and patterns to fit nearly any style, epoxy is also a green choice due to its small material usage.

Click the bold links below to view Müller Surfaces resinous flooring brochure and color options.

Resinous Flooring Brochure
Vinyl Color Chart

Polished concrete takes concrete from its natural state (a porous product that is susceptible to dusting, spalling, and efflorescence that is difficult to maintain) and locks it up, sealing the concrete. This seal helps the concrete fight penetration by liquid contaminants such as oil and water. It makes the floor dustproof and more aesthetically pleasing. Reduced maintenance and a lower-cost life cycle also make polished concrete an attractive choice in the right industry. Our team moves through a multi-step process of concrete floor preparation, diamond grinding, staining, polishing, sealing and burnishing to achieve your desired outcome.

Polished & Staines

Polished and stained concrete flooring is a fashionable, economical flooring design process. Easy to maintain floor with mirror like shine, it combines the luxurious appeal of high-end stone with the durability of concrete. With a wide variety of concrete stain colors to choose from, and multiple levels of potential polished sheen, your stained and polished concrete flooring is sure to stand out. It contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) so is an environmentally friendly option that is tough enough to withstand anything from foot traffic to forklift trucks.

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Sealed concrete is an economical solution that allows you to protect your concrete slab without all of the steps required in polishing. The level of finish will depend on the condition of the concrete as well as the customers’ expectations. A seal is created by densifying the concrete, which hardens and dust proofs the concrete surface by creating a chemical reaction with the free lime in the concrete.

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Tile is known for its versatility, adaptability, and design flexibility. The wide array of options available when looking at selection of material, color, size (from mosaic to plank or large format) and installation patterns give you seemingly infinite options to customize your project.

Ceramic tile flooring is easy to clean and easy to maintain.


A classic and durable option, tile is not only beautiful but is often the most economical option for long-term installations as well. Whether a traditional or modern look is desired, limitless style options mean that nearly any vision is possible. An additional combination of Eco-friendliness and minimal maintenance really make tile a stand-out option for any installation.

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From adding an element of design to a room to bringing a full artistic vision to life, mosaic tile and tiling is used to create beautiful, intricate designs to any room or building. While mosaic tiles are typically made from one material a mosaic wall, floor, or ceiling can often be a mixture of a variety of tiles such as travertine, glass, stone, porcelain, and more.

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Beautiful and durable, ceramic tiles are environmentally friendly, economical, low maintenance, allergen reducing, and easily repairable. Ceramic tiles are manufactured using natural, water-resistant materials making them a natural, high-quality addition to any space from backsplashes to bathrooms to walls and foyers.

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Porcelain & Glass

Porcelain. While similar to ceramic tiles, porcelain tile is typically a harder but more brittle tile. Choosing between the two is often a choice of taste.

Glass. Most often used for decorative and artistic mosaics, glass tiles are used both indoors as well as outdoors.

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This durable and attractive option is also environmentally friendly. Natural stone is great value due to its uniqueness and low maintenance. With numerous choices available, natural stone can be an excellent choice for many different projects.

Ensuring that every step of the installation is done correctly, starts with a quality substrate to work from. Whether working on a new construction site or a renovation project, we have the tools to make sure the job is done right from the ground up.

Screed Pumping -
up to 60 floors

Not many people know Müller Corporation is the only company in the United States to use screed pumps. These machines deliver a high quality consistent mudbed mix in a very short time.

The video shared from BMS Bau-Maschinen-Service AG shows how the screed pump works. It is amazing how these pumps will reach up to 60 floors

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Leveling and screeding

When required, leveling the floor surface is the final step in preparing your subfloor for a new flooring installation.

It creates the final flat surface on which we install our flooring systems. It can also be used to pitch a floor toward a drain or patch inconsistencies.

Creating a level surface for flooring installation helps prevent future levelness and bonding issues.

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When required, we have the tools and expertise to demolish and remove any existing floor coverings.

Our machines enable us to remove all types of flooring systems including carpet, tile, rubber, VCT, LVT, wood, epoxy, MMA and urethane mortar. They save an enormous amount of labor time on demolition, helping to keep your job on schedule.

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Shot Blasting & Grinding

Shot blasting can be a very important step in preparing the surface for a new floor, as it can remove old floor coatings and the contaminants within the top surface layer, or the substrate is heavily damaged.

We manage a fleet of shot blasting machines and a trained team of experienced flooring professionals.

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Moisture testing and mitigation

Many floor coverings cannot be installed over substrate that are holding a certain level of moisture. Our team can test the substrate to determine if a moisture barrier is required.

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The channel in the floor is a natural break in the overall structure of the floor and as such has the potential to fail if not installed correctly mainly due to the constant wear and tear of forklift trucks traveling over them every day.

Designed and built to meet expectations, our drainage systems use the best quality stainless steel which ensures a long and hygienic service life and provides a cost-effective drainage solution.

Our Industries

We have the best solution for each industry. Discover it now and let's work together!

Solutions Food & beverage Retail Pharmaceutical, Medical & Healthcare Commercial Showrooms Hospitality Offices Public Buildings Univ & Schools Airports General Contractors Residential
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Chemical Resistant Floor System

Tile Hex Tile Red Brick Dairy Tile


Epoxy Urethane MMA


Polished Sealed Stained

Traditional Installation

Tile Ceramic Porcelain Mosaic Glass

Natural Stone

Floor Preparation

Screed Pumping Leveling & Screeding Removal Restoration Grinding Testing Moisture Mitigation

Drainage Technology


From a visionary concept to a finished building, it takes a range of people to complete a project. Whether working with the business owner or another trade worker on the job site, Müller Surfaces strives to bring solid communication, respect, and appreciation to every project stakeholder. This means that we train our staff to be flexible, adaptable, and professional to everyone, on and off the job-site.

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General Contractors

The General Contractor is our main line of communication for most projects. Nearly all communication, decisions, and actions tend to flow through the GC.

Architects & Designers

While we often receive architectural direction through the General Contractor, we are also happy to work directly with Architects and Designers at any time throughout the duration of a project.

Business Owners

Some owners are extremely hands-on, whilst others prefer to entrust expectations to other capable hands. We are happy to work with both.


Our employees strive to communicate with other trades on-site, ensuring everyone has access to complete their work in an effort to complete projects on time.

The right choice for important projects

Construction as a business is loaded with challenges. Hiring the right people is essential to success. We believe that being professional, adaptable, and dependable for our clients and by offering top-notch, quality work, using highly trained installers consistently for our clients, sets us apart and makes us the right people.

Matthew Pyrtle

Vice President of Sales & Business Development

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European craftmanship

All our highly skilled installers have gone through vigorous training based on the European model, resulting in exceptional craftsmanship.

Employees not contractors

We only use our full-time employees for our installation projects so results are consistent and reliable every time.

Industry agnostic

Over the past decade we have had the privilege of working with companies in a very broad range of industries, including retail, commercial, automotive, food and beverage.

Large, nationwide workforce

Müller Surfaces currently has over 100 employees, including field-based tile installers and support staff in our office in Charlotte.

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Chemical resistant floor system
Traditional installations
Natural stone
Resinous flooring
Concrete finishes
Floor preparation and restoration
Drainage technology