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We want to help you achieve your goals of having a flooring solution that will last for the lifetime of your auto dealership.

By combining advanced tile installation techniques with the strongest floor tile available, we’re able to deliver a permanent flooring solution for our clients nationwide. From vibrated flooring systems to traditional thinset applications, we turn your vision for your dealership into reality.

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automobile service shop flooring

Vibrated flooring systems. An automobile service shop takes on a lot over its lifetime – heavy equipment, dropped car parts and tools, as well as oil, water and other lubricants. For dealership owners that are looking to get the most durability out of their shop floor, a vibrated floor with clinker tile is the premiere option. These highly-specialized flooring systems are most often seen with new construction, and we can bond directly to the slab or indirectly through the use of a separation layer. Keep reading »

automobile service shop flooring

Thin set applications. For dealerships that may be going through an upfit or experiencing failure with their current flooring system, our clinker tile floors installed via thinset are an appropriate choice. With the right mix of slab restoration and floor leveling, our experts are able to make your original concrete slab new and functional again. Keep reading »

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automobile service shop flooring solutions

Polished & Stained. Polished and stained concrete flooring is a fashionable, economical flooring design process. Easy to maintain floor with mirror like shine, it combines the luxurious appeal of high-end stone with the durability of concrete. With a wide variety of concrete stain colors to choose from, and multiple levels of potential polished sheen, your stained and polished concrete flooring is sure to stand out. Keep reading »

automobile service shop flooring solutions

Sealed. Sealed concrete is an economical solution that allows you to protect your concrete slab without all of the steps required in polishing. The level of finish will depend on the condition of the concrete as well as the customers’ expectations. A seal is created by densifying the concrete, which hardens and dust proofs the concrete surface by creating a chemical reaction with the free lime in the concrete.

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auto epoxy flooring options

Epoxy. Is a poured in place, durable floor system that can be used across a broad spectrum of industries. Epoxy coating is chemically resistant, durable, and a low maintenance product. Quick installation means less production shutdown and slippage. Keep reading »

auto dealership resinous urethane coating flooring

Urethane. Urethane mortar flooring is a resinous flooring that like epoxy and MMA flooring is an applied concrete coating. Similar to epoxy and MMA flooring, urethane mortar, also known as urethane concrete or cementitious urethane, produces a seamless resinous flooring solution. Keep reading »

auto dealership MMA flooring

MMA. Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) flooring like epoxy flooring provides a seamless, resinous flooring solution that mimic the epoxy flooring benefits but under harsher enviromental conditions. Keep reading »

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Floor preparation

leveling and screeding auto dealership flooring

Leveling and screeding. Leveling the floor surface is the final step in preparing your subfloor for a new flooring installation. Keep reading »

auto dealership flooring preparation

Removal. Sometimes the floor removal is the first step in our concrete surface preparation process. This is particularly true of resinous flooring systems that need a clean and textured surface to properly bond. Keep reading »

surface restoration auto dealership

Surface restoration of existing concrete floors is a necessary part of new seamless floor installation, and may be combined with removal, grinding, moisture mitigation, or self-leveling to appropriately prepare your subfloor for installation.

shot blasting flooring auto dealership

Shot Blasting is the most important step in preparing the surface for a new seamless floor, removes old floor coatings and the contaminants within the top surface layer. Keep reading »

 Grinding floor preparation auto dealership

Grinding cleans the concrete surface by removing a small layer of material. It flattens and smooths surfaces, levels out high spots, removes coatings, mastics, epoxies, urethane, adhesive residue and paint. Keep reading »

moisture testing flooring auto dealership

Moisture testing and mitigation. MVT problems can attack impervious and permeable flooring materials including wood, vinyl, tile, urethane, epoxy, and carpet. Often the end result is disbondment, blistering, pinholes, chipping and pitting, adhesive reversion, and cracking and heaving. If left untreated it can introduce health concerns associated with Sick Building Syndrome – by aiding the growth of algae, bacteria, mildew, and mold, as well as inducing rot. Keep reading »

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flooring at Jaguar auto dealership

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Traditional installation

tile flooring at auto dealership

Tile. A classic and durable option, tile is not only beautiful but is often the most economical option for long-term installations as well. Whether a traditional or modern look is desired, limitless style options mean that nearly any vision is possible. An additional combination of Eco-friendliness and minimal maintenance really make tile a stand-out option for any installation.

ceramic flooring at auto dealership

Ceramic. Beautiful and durable, ceramic tiles are environmentally friendly, economical, low maintenance, allergen reducing, and easily repairable. Ceramic tiles are manufactured using natural, water-resistant materials making them a natural, high-quality addition to any space from backsplashes to bathrooms to walls and foyers.

porcelain flooring at auto dealership

Porcelain. While similar to ceramic tiles, porcelain tile is typically a harder but more brittle tile. Choosing between the two is often a choice of taste.

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Carpet installation

Carpet Installation. A soft and quiet choice, carpet is found in lots of spaces that benefit from its soft and warm tone. Often paired with other flooring installations, carpet has many benefits.


carpet flooring at auto dealership

Wool. Appealing for how it features a series of carefully woven fibers that resist dirt and stains.

 carpet flooring at auto dealership

Polyester. A prominent synthetic material, polyester resists moisture and stains, and is easy to clean.

carpet flooring at auto dealership

Olefin. Originally used in outdoor situations due to its moisture resistance but increasingly found in indoor situations.

carpet flooring at auto dealership

Nylon. Popular for its strength and durability.

Natural stone

natural stone flooring at auto dealership

Natural stone. This durable and attractive option that is also environmentally friendly. Natural stone is great value due to its uniqueness and low maintenance. With the numerous choices available, natural stone can be an excellent choice for many different projects.

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 natural stone flooring at auto dealership
flooring at ferrari auto dealership


flooring at BMW auto dealership


flooring at Subaru auto dealership


flooring installation at auto dealership


clients' needs

Global Tiling works hard for our clients. We take individual needs and taylor our services to provide top-notch support. We recognize that each business is different and we are versatile enough to meet the needs of any business.

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auto dealership flooring contractor

Our clients

We are pleased to work with a variety of Business Owners, General Contractors, Educational Institutions, Industrial Facilities, as well as others. We can provide time-saving, top-quality service to any business.

auto dealership flooring contractor


We provide services to numerous businesses in diverse settings. From commercial grocery chains like Aldi to educational institutions like Furman University, office buildings that house businesses like Hughes Development to manufacturing facilities used by companies such as Magna Drive, there is no end to the types of businesses we can help.

Engagement is critical to success

Trying to choose the right flooring solution for your project can be overwhelming. Then trying to decide on the right installer to correctly install it further complicates the matter. We understand that a lot goes into these decisions and isn’t something to be rushed into.

Our team of professionals can help guide you through this process and lead you to the perfect floor that best suits your needs. We understand the importance of maintaining and following a schedule in this industry, so we commit to you to show up every day with energy, focus and enthusiasm, working with a sense of urgency in order to meet deliverables and keep your project on track. We know you have a lot of other things to consider with your project – let us worry about all the flooring details, as it’s our goal to make each interaction and experience with us as seamless and painless as possible.

auto flooring contractors

Specialized expertise

Our German-trained and certified tile installers have decades of experience installing tile in car dealerships, both via the thinset method and the vibration method.

We are one of the few installation companies in the US that can successfully install a vibrated flooring system. The vibration method is a highly-specialized installation process, one that our installers have spent years crafting and perfecting.

auto flooring contractor

Large, nationwide workforce

WMüller currently has over 100 employees, including field-based tile installers and support staff in our office in Charlotte. We’ve got you covered in all 48 continuous states.

auto flooring contractor

Dedicated project management

Our Project Management team makes preconstruction visits to each jobsite in order to develop a staging and phasing plan with the Superintendent. Once the project starts, they are in constant contact with our crew, and by directly managing this process we are able to better control costs, while also maintaining quality and increasing efficiency.

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We work seamlessly with architects, designers, contractors, and business owners to deliver superior results to every project that bears the Müller name. How can we help you?

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