Our people make our business and we are proud to have a team of people who bring leadership, expertise and commitment to each and every business they are involved in.

Leadership Team

Frank Müller

President & CEO

Tom Jaggard

Managing Partner

Müller Surfaces

Mike Hasuly

Managing Partner

Müller Industrial Services

María-José Mage

Vice President of Marketing

Agustin Marin

Managing Director, Solar Division Chief Strategy Officer

Matthew Pyrtle

Managing Director

Business Development Director

Global Tiling

Catherine Woods

Human Resources Manager

Neel Patel

Head of Accounting / Controller

Lance Norville

VP of Project Management

Team Members

Alisha O'Hearn

Staff Accountant

Anita Galloway

Staff Accountant

Bernd Wilke

Lead Instructor

Christoph Golbach

Project Manager

Christy Burgos

Business Development Representative

Donald Moore

Warehouse Manager

Hayden Rogers

Project Manager

Kai Prystav

Preconstrucion Manager

Global Tiling

Mario Camarillo

Creative Designer

Natacha Duggins

Executive Assistant

Nikki Eudy


Tobias Feigl

Project Manager

Tyler DeBusk

Procurement Manager

Grace Rathburn

Administrative Assistant

Marcus Griswold

Sales representative robots

Haylinton Talavera

Project Manager

Rob Dixon

Safety Manager

Robert Walters

Assistant instructor